Jozi’nin Ritmi

We, as Sabancı University, Executive Development Unit “SU EDU”, have taken over an important mission and claim.

Our mission: Transfer the academic world to the business world, and transfer the business world to the academy…

Our claim: Create and improve together

Togetherness and creativity are our essentials. We are aware of the importance of togetherness and being a team, in the business world.

The basics of life is the rhythm. The universe is in a marvelous rhythm. We sometime miss how important is the rhythm of togetherness and becoming a team.

To become a big team…to reach the same aim with the same emotions and sharing the same enthusiasm. But to make this happen within an identified time.

In autumn of 2013, we talked about all these, when we met with Jozi. Our customer was a very important public enterprise. Jozi explained and showed videos. He gave us the examples from the foundations that he had worked before.

In the facilities of SU-EDU, on 23th October of 2013 and at 17:30, we decided to do a Carnival Parade with Brazilian percussion instruments and with the participation of 25 persons. Jozi was saying that the orchestra would be ready in 40-45 minutes…

It was the most exciting but scaring activity of “Joint Management Culture” program for me. An activity that I had never done before…How would the managers of public foundation react? What if they would not want to join!

And the day came ….

Jozi came with his percussion instruments. I must admit that I could not compare them with anything, moreover I found them primitive. At the moment when I saw them, my fear got more and more.

Following the 7-hour class education, we took the participants to the big hall. Everybody was confused… Jozi began to talk. Almost all participants were nervous. The majority of them were saying that they had no concern with music.

After a while, everybody chose their own “instrument”.  Reco-reco, Guica, Ganza, Agogo and many more…

Practice went on. First, Jozi first explained the groups one by one, how they would play their instruments. Then let them work. The noises were so horrible that it was impossible to describe. My eyes were on the clock. Half an hour passed but still there was no harmony. Either the big team or little teams could not catch the rhythm together. However, all groups were “in the mood”. They seemed quite happy. As if their anxieties were gone. I think they were not aware of the horrible sounds they were making.

I was getting demoralized. Because of looking at my watch, I could not concentrate on the “ganza” in my hand. On the excuse of an urgent phonecall, I left my group and went to terrace with the idea that the cold October air would make me feel better. I made some phone conversations, I guess I deliberately wasted my own time during these 10 minutes. Then I returned towards the hall and I was worried on how I would overcome this failure; and I was praying. While I approached the lounge, I COULD NOT BELIVE MY EARS, I was hearing amazing orchestra sounds. The closer I got, the clearer it got. This was an actual “MIRACLE”. Jozi’s miracle.

When I entered the hall, all our friends were parading while playing their own instruments. The enthusiasm of success surrounded my whole body. I could not keep myself not to think “how fast they became Brazilian”

Jozi kept his promise. The participants were so eager that we did that parade walk, a few times. In conclusion, we discussed and commented on becoming a team, rhythm, learning and techniques. This became an unforgettable moment and experience for all of us.

Thank you, Jozi….

Jozi Levi 2015