Originally from Brazil, the Samba is both a ballroom-dancing and street-dancing style which is done in 2/4 and 4/4 time signature. The standard rhythm of Samba is in the form of “fast-fast-slow” and it is the celebration dance of the famous Rio de Janeiro carnival, which takes place every year.

It has a rhythm consisting of very strong drum beats. Even though it is danced as solo, it can also become a team work of several dancers. No matter if it is fast or slow, it is danced along with Brazilian Samba music, which can be done also as crowded groups and without the need of a dance partner.

It is an activity that makes participants “think as a team” rather than an individual, improves the coordination between the human brain and body, develops the awareness and motivation of individuals; and with its exciting rhytms and supple body movements, it can be a very entertaining and coordinating dance.

In this way, individuals with self confidence become more social and efficient in their work. Either men and/or women, a maximum of 40 persons of any age can participate in this activity.

Jozi Levi 2015