“We, as agency, required an extraordinary, amusing and energetic activity in order to integrate the newly joined friends into the team and to refresh the loyalty of our friends who have been working with us, for a long time.
Jozi, with his charisma, energy and coaching skills, gave the agency a carnival atmosphere. We felt as if we had gone to the Rio for one night. Most of us were skillfully and melodiously playing the instruments which we had never seen before. We could not believe the sounds we produced. We felt ourselves like Olo Dum. There were not any Sambistas superior than us. The agency became a united heart and we believed once again that we would do enormous works, together and in harmony. Obrigado Jozi. “

Haluk Sicimoğlu – Chief Strategy Officer, BBDO Turkey

We conducted very successful meetings together, let me cite the latest one: I had a regional group in Unilever – my team was located in 6 different locations. A group of members from around 10 different nationalities, from Casablanca to Riyadh, from Moscow to Cairo. Most of them had neither seen each other, nor talked. We gathered the group in Heybeli for a 3-day meeting. The usual presentations, food & beverages etc. but we really needed an infusive element. Jozi and his friends created a friendly and sincere environment beyond the nation and language. Of course, Jozi’s travelling around the globe and well recognition, having a grasp of several languages and cultures was the biggest catalyst.

10 years have passed and I still hear that it as the most happily remembered company meeting. Also, according to me, creating a pretty team spirit in one night with minimum equipment and simplicity, not scaring the others, is an opportunity not to be missed. I had someone (percussionist) from Johannesburg for these similar works heretofore, but now there is better one in İstanbul !

Hakan Behlil – World Food Vice President, Unilever


We, as Sabancı University, Executive Development Unit “SU EDU”, have taken over an important mission and claim.
Our mission: Transfer the academic world to the business world, and transfer the business world to the academy…
Our claim: Create and improve together
Togetherness and creativity are our essentials. We are aware of the importance of togetherness and being a team, in the business world.
The basics of life is the rhythm. The universe is in a marvelous rhythm. We sometime miss how important is the rhythm of togetherness and becoming a team.
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Oya Torum – Consultant, Sabancı Üniversitesi

The most unforgettable and surprising part of our program wherein we worked on the subjects of being a team, team spirit and inter-team communication, was the experience we lived with dear Jozi.

As a real good team, what we most tried to catch while working together, was to create an environment where the individuals could make themselves heard, but always act within a team spirit. Working of individuals by caring the team success, listening of the individuals to each other, the ability of their querying each other when appropriate, but at the same time feeling this supportive and trusting environment.

Jozi’s workshop metaphorically gave us the chance to experimentally process all these cited elements through music, entertainment and pleasure.

The sense of rhythm which started with different sounds in the team but then united together, while we all made efforts supporting each other, the unexpected result delighted all of us. As we felt ourselves as talented, we wanted more, we even wanted to show our success to the other teams in the company. Accordingly, we performed on stage and enjoyed being a team on stage with lots of applauses.

All this experience, while creating a common memory within the team, had been the first and unforgettable piece of conversation among us, in every meeting. Dear Jozi provided us an experience which started quite simple but highly noisy, and then turned into an extremely rhythmic, energetic and very entertaining one. Many thanks for your support and patience.

Işıl Ülger – Medical Director, MSD

Jozi Levi 2015